A road to Beauty: visiting Saint-Petersburg of Russia


   They say all the roads lead to Rome, all the channels – to Venice, all the hearts – to Saint-Petersburg, all beauty lovers – to the heart of the latter city on Marata street where beauty reigns – we welcome you to Marma Space.

   Up onto the top floor, explore two-storey interior with no angles at all. A spiral staircase, a fireplace, a barely audible sounds of  doors. No laws of mechanics can be applied here, do experience mysterious ways of authentic beauty on your own. Star people passing by as human. Singers, actors, stand up comics - the air of fame all around. Have your manicure, pedicure and make up all at once taking delight in gazing at amazing roof views.

   Set off on your journey across territories of inner beauty through ayurvedic practices, singing bowls healing powers and gong meditative sessions played on ancient instruments of Tibet lands.


   Explore our services:

  • manicure
  • pedicure
  • hair (dressing, coloring, rejuvenating, toning)
  • hand & feet care
  • facial treatment (cleaning, peeling, masks, rejuvenation)
  • lpg treatment (weight correction/figure modelling)
  • injections (botox, dysport, hyaluronic fillers)
  • massage (all kinds the world is aware of)
  • ayurvedic sessions (ancient indian massages and cedar bathtub)
  • yoga lessons
  • singing bowls therapy  (sonar bath on request)
  • gong meditation
  • wrapping & bandages (including famous whiskey-swathing)


   In Marma Space we work with premium brands such as V76, UKA, MT Metatron, Hydropeptide, Holy Land, Maria Galland, Themae, Styx.

   Let us be your personal guides during your trip to Saint-Petersburg. All-inclusive service on your choice: transfer, hotel, theaters and museums, exhibitions and restaurants and, of course, our aesthetic services to make your stay in Saint-Petersburg truly as beautiful as it may be possible. Please, send us brief details to why@marma.space about your upcoming visit and we will be back with a personal offer in no time.


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